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  • truthseeker53

    I closed with;
    “We know y’all are on the take from lucifer’s pharma under the guise of “campaign contributions” and that the FDA serves them, but as your constituent, I’m urging you to please direct the DEA to remove hemp from the Schedule 1 list, and please direct the FDA to stop its attack on CBD supplements. If this was TRULY the “Land of the Free” we’d have the FREEDOM to raise and use our own God given medicine.
    Genesis 1:29
    And God said, Behold, I have given you EVERY!! herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, AND every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

    • Lori Childers

      As I commented on another article, Jury Nullification. If we all share the knowledge that ‘you can’ find anyone not guilty, even if they broke a written law. Just like prohibition, jury’s just stopped convicting people who were charged with drinking, so the Government changed the law. We did it once, we can do it again. It has already been done many times in recent years.

      • truthseeker53

        Juries have the DUTY to judge the law as well as the person charged with violating the law. “Judges”(exalted lawyers)and their “courts” DO NOT want REAL juries.

    • Marybel McGuire


    • mark w

      My State’s motto is, “Live Free or Die” but take a look at who my reps are. I’m ashamed of my state for voting in nannies to babysit us.

      • truthseeker53

        It’s the cities. Concentrations of idiots who vote criminals into government. Cain built the 1st. Cancers on the face of God’s green earth, blue ones malignant.

      • Sali88

        Didn’t you read the article? The problem here is not nannies babysitting us. It’s just the opposite. Government agencies should be protecting the public interest, but corrupt officials receive money from big corporations in return for serving their interests and shafting ours. We could use a few honest nannies about now!

    • Carla Sanders

      You know you are right the Bible says prescription medication is sorcery.

      • James Wiltsey

        Then Sorcery saved my life many times….

  • johnny mars

    Just another day in the District of Corruption.

  • Elaine Williams

    The FDA document stating this was later followed up by a clarification document that it only applied to anything that qualified as marijuana. Even the FDA has problems knowing the difference between marijuana and Industrial Hemp because they both fall under the family name of Cannabis. I sell the Full Spectrum Hemp Products so I have had to stay on top of this stuff.

  • Debra Bennett

    I have been using CBD oil to help with my chronic back pain and it works with no side effects. I was addicted to fentanyl fopr 4 years and finally went cold turkey to get off it. If the drug companies get a hold on this it will only be available to those who have big bucks. Big Pharma is an evil in this world, only thinking of the almighty dollar. They need to be stopped!

    • Steve Naidamast

      There is no such thing as “evil” except in mythology. In this world we just have a lot of shi**y Humans…

      • Michelle Frankie

        there is definitely evil ..there are definitely sorry u want to not see but ..u should know yourself and know your enermy and life is a war that u can only win if you know your enemy. There r people who go to a restaurant and choose a cute sweet animal that is alive n then they take it back in the kitchen n kill it n cook it n serve it as there meal…that is a demon who can do such a thing…Big pharma doesnt care about helping n enriching and being authentic and responsible they care about how can they make money off sick people not how can they help ..BIg food makes people sick for profits and big pharma does same..totally evil

  • Three Dollar Bill

    It’s just a plant judged unjustly.

  • Charles TurnerMD

    we have had tremendous success treating 100s of patients with CBD; mainly for pain, anxiety and insomnia. we have many other on it for various other reasons. but just found out in Indiana it is illegal….i guess because the DEA thinks it’s illegal. of course no doubt they ”think” it is illegal because CBD is a financial threat to the damn drug companies. CBD is hemp derived, not THC, so not even under the jurisdiction of the DEA.
    i don’t have the resources to fight our monstrous police state so have backed off from Rxing it to patients for now,
    CBD is miraculous. i hope we can fight back against our police state enough to make it widely available.

    • mark w

      Doctor Turner, maybe you should drop a line to the ACLU or Heritage foundation, depending on your political affiliation. If the DEA is harassing you, they can get your story viral.

    • Thanks for this comment, doc. Police state, indeed. Must get backing from organizations to fight this. ACLU possibly? Or others?
      The drug companies and their greed must be stopped.

  • Schedule 1 for CBD oil is ridiculous. But selling it over the counter without a prescription might push the pendulum too far in the other direction. The claims of no side effects are just not credible. Mounting evidence suggests CBD, which is a depressant, has effects on coordination and reaction time similar to the more popular depressant, alcohol. Crash rates are increasing in states that have legalized marijuana, and it is looking like the problem component of marijuana is probably CBD, not THC.

    • Howard Allen

      Regards what you said about crash rates inceasing in states which have legalised marijuana, can you let me have your sources (I’ve actually read the exact opposite regarding Colorado). And what prompted you to say that it’s “looking like the problem component” is probably CBD (and not THC)? Could you elaborate. Thanks

      • Two recent articles came to opposite conclusions about crash rates. But insurance companies are finding that legal marijuana raises crash claims by about 3% – and they are raising their premiums accordingly in states where pot is legal.
        The CBD vs. THC comment is based on preliminary research by one of my colleagues. He is taking the slow road to publishing it because the establishment has a strong prejudice against THC and in favor of CBD. There is no evidence whatsoever to support that prejudice, but it is firmly entrenched, nonetheless. That’s probably because recreational marijuana is high in THC, while medical marijuana is high in CBD. (At this point, they are practically two different products.) It’s not hard to see why people might object to a finding that suggests medical marijuana is a bigger problem than recreational marijuana!

        • The Revival

          Your collegue needs to dig a lot deeper than that. When you harvest the plant has everything to do with whether it is an upper or downer. You have not even got off the tip of the iceberg yet bud.

  • barbarakelly

    OK, if we have any kind of castrophe in our country. YOu can imagine how fast they will run out of pain meds. This would be an alternative in an emergency.and something to have in your first aid box. It is a thought to keep in mind.!!!

  • Wondering Woman

    This was my personal addition to the above and it could have been much longer except they limit you on how much you can add. Could have added much more re harmful medications like the two major oral hypoglycemics that killed renal cells, etc.

    This is not the only natural medicine that the FDA and the DEA has lied to us about. We are tired of their lying about a perfectly safe God given medicine, and the government listening to the lies of big pharma who wants to prevent access to the safe natural version so they can pick out an effective chemical in the plant, make a synthetic version of it and market it at a high price and rake in a fortune while killing people with it as they did with thalidomide, Vioxx an many other drugs which have proved to be far from safe and create problems worse that the ones they were prescribed for.

    We are more than fed up and disgusted with elected representatives who value donations from big industry more than they do the lives of their constituents who elected them and are paying their salary.

    • Howard Allen

      Your last point is what they want us to believe, but it is actually just a blind to prevent people from seeing the reality. And the reality is that they are all on the same page – ie they are all devious and duplicitous psychopaths/sociopaths and, as such, a completely different breed to the rest of us. THEY are solely responsible for the way the world is and for what history was and are truely totally evil.

      If you do some research you’ll find that psychopaths/sociopaths make up about 4% of populations, and by their very nature – war-mongering, hate-mongering, sadistic and totally corrupt and devoid of emotions – they take power (and mantain it) in whatever way they need to and have always ruled and controlled the rest of us.

  • nugie

    It’s time to unite and stop this government intrusion into our health freedoms. The FDA is a puppet for the FDA and their domination of every drug they can get their hands on. They never wanted it in it’s natural form because they couldn’t make any money on a non patentable drug now they will steal it from the consumers hands and only make it available by prescription with a high price.

  • Rene

    Amen brother, our father God has provided for all our needs. These fools, with their propaganda, and fraudulent science, and business practices, and destructive loveless incentives to profit off the destruction of their fellow man…..and children. May the spirit of the Lord come upon our land and our people to restore and renew our hearts and minds. Collectively our hearts, our love and reverence for life will stomp on scorpions, and the darkness of evil’s lies, thievery, and manipulation will show to be impotent and weak. May everyone bow down on bended knee before our Lord and praise him and keep him as our shield of faith. “Get thee behind me Satan, thou art an offense unto me, for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men ” Mathew 16:23

  • sage58

    Whatever else you think or Believe, what all these types of questions & debates come down to EVERY TIME are Money and/or Power.

    Follow the money & you end up facing Big Pharma’s lobbyists and the legislators who will garner lux, corner offices and a cushy job at the end of their terms, usually paying in the high 6 digits.

    Follow the power, and you’ll see the poor & disadvantaged convicted of felonies and losing their right to vote. Since the majority of folks who would try Cannabinoids for medicine tend towards the more progressive thinking, they tend to vote D. By denying them their right to vote, you throw more votes towards the R’s, thus ensuring their grip on the power.

    Mention God, your rights, science or any other reasonable factor to your legislator and watch the eye-roll.

    The only way to combat this is RUN FOR OFFICE!!! Find someone in your midst, someone popular w/smart, savvy friends AND TELL THEM TO RUN!
    Seriously – have any of you looked at some of these folks in their 1st term? Most are people you’d avoid at a party. For Gosh sakes, Inhofe from OK came into the Congress and tried to convince the rest that global warming wasn’t happening because he had a snowball!!
    Few people vote local elections; that’s HOW we win. And on and on – – – Blessings.

  • Fred Jones

    I just sent my letter. But, I have tried this many times. My TN reps both state and federal do not want to here anything I have to say about this subject. They never respond to messages about Cannabis/Hemp in any form. All my Reps are Republicans and they always vote on the side of Big Business interest, they never cast a vote to help the people. My state is Red and there is no way to vote them out of office.

    • fahdutnik

      Same problem with Alabama, yikes Session got into the AG slot

  • OhZone

    If you want to stop Big Pharma you have to quit taking their poison potions. Most of them are unnecessary. They all stop or slow down the normal actions of the body. For more info on this you can look at the videos on youtube by Dr. John Bergman. He tells you how the body works. It is up to you to clean it up and get it healthy. Stop poisoning it.

  • ERick Skotmyr

    The United States of Avarice.

  • Charles TurnerMD

    glad to see so many waking up to see we are living in a corrupt police state. the mainstream media is just their propaganda tool. most politicians are connected cabal stooges. the forces of evil have been in control for eons but the good guys are finally winning.
    those of you who are awakening are automatically helping the light forces.