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  • David Hollister

    Rein in the FTC!!!!!!

  • oakes721

    FTC : Making sure the Planet is Legally Dead

  • rszabla

    The frustration makes me furious that our courts don’t see through this sham.

  • loulou2lou

    Like rszabla I am frustrated,angry,anxious,worried and pained.Every day the worst it comes.

  • Laurie Johnson

    I’d love to send this to my congress reps and senators. However, sending this or Anything to Trump is pointless. If I was able to select my own recipients, fine. Until then..

    • freedomdove

      And sending something to obama wasn’t pointless? LMAO. At least this president isn’t a globalist shill…. 😉

      • Norman Hines

        Actually Obama stopped a lot of projects americans protested, XL and Dakota pipelines, Pebble Mine, off shore drilling in Alaska and the Arctic, I could go on but you get the point freedom, maybe if you actually learned what the issues are you wouldn’t be so ignorant? But then again you are a CHump supporter so you’re obviously devoid of intelligence and things like facts and the truth mean little to nothing to you.

        • sedonamoon

          If people were allowed to vote on XL and Dakota, you little snowflakes would lose in a large way.

        • freedomdove

          In case you hadn’t noticed, there are MANY more issues in our country than oil pipelines and off-shore drilling. Stopping those things from happening did NOTHING for us. They only made us *more* dependent on foreigners. Now if YOU weren’t devoid of intelligence, perhaps you would “get it”.

          • Erik Stark

            I have to weigh in here. Freedom, though you can (we all can) certainly point out the corporatist tendencies on many issues that Obama supported (TPP at the top of the list and one of the few areas I applaud Trump for cancelling), the facts are Climate Change, which Trump denies at all our peril, is very much about stopping the filthiest oil on the planet (tar sands) from being used. Further, there is nothing in the plan to move this filthy, toxic oil through our country, then to our refineries, that says it will be used by us even if we chose to use the world’s filthiest oil in the first place. It’s a con, and completely wrong, to say the XL pipeline will reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil one ounce. This fact escapes most people who support XL. If you support it, you’re supporting it being shipped to other countries around the world so corporations in Canada can profit. The paltry number of jobs it will support in this country (pipeline construction, maintenance, etc.) pales in comparison to jobs being created in the clean energy sector right now.

          • freedomdove

            Okay, well for one thing, the climate change isn’t solely our fault. We have been through multiple ice ages, and we’re gearing up for another one–with or without our use of fossil fuels. We might have sped it up. Who knows? I know there’s a lot of disinformation being spewed by some global warming fanatics.

            I absolutely hate that we’re still so heavily dependent on oil, believe me. I’m an “alternative energy” girl all the way. But the fact remains that obama allowed these particular pipelines to get started. The DAPL was already 90% complete when the protests began out there and forced its halt. Does everyone think that it would have been a good idea to just dismantle it when it was almost done? There are *many* pipelines in this country. I don’t like them, but there’s not much we can do about it until they allow some of these buried technologies to come to the forefront. I’ve written to Trump and asked him to have it looked into so that we don’t have to depend on oil. If we didn’t use oil so much, we wouldn’t need to drill it so much.

            I know it’s possible that the oil from those pipelines won’t go to the US people, and that’s the way it’s been for a long time. I don’t understand the whole import and export thing for oil. Why do we export so much and then turn around and import just as much? Why don’t we just keep what we drill and stay independent in that way? I do hope that Trump can change that insanity. I would love to be his advisor. Lol.

            We are *years* away from being independent from oil. The bulk of our transportation and plastics industries depend on it right now, and we will need to use it until they find real solutions to our energy needs. Look at how many cars are on the road still using fuel. As far as I’m concerned, if they’d let me retrofit my car to accept water or even urine as fuel, I’m totally on board. Lol. The technology is there, but it’s been buried by the oil barons.

          • Hannibal Smith

            Exporting crude oil has been illegal for decades until quite recently, so it wasn’t going to foreigners. Well, not directly. Minimally-refined crude oil was legal to be exported as a way around the ban. Natural gas had no terminals to even export it until last year. We’re positively gushing with excess domestic-sourced crude oil and natural gas now. We produce almost as much as Saudi Arabia does every day. They’re worried enough to privatize a portion of Aramco so they can invest in solar generation. I wish them good luck as they’re gonna need it.

          • freedomdove

            Well, maybe you can explain to me why they export oil and then turn around and import just as much? Is there some kind of rationale behind that? I’m afraid I can’t see it. If we’re in the excess, why keep importing? Bad trade deals?

          • Hannibal Smith

            It has to do with our refining capacity which is only setup to refine sweet light crude; the heavy stinky crude from Alberta’s oil sands, domestic oil shale fracking, etc. is exported to Mexico, South America or the Middle East who already have the refining facilities to deal with it. Exporting heavy crude is still newishly legal so I would expect that we will just wind up reimporting most of it as sweet light or gasoline. It’s just comparative advantage at play here.

          • Gmo Roberts

            Yes but fortunately gmos continue to make us food independent. Maybe we need a new gmo oil!! Good ideal turtle dove!

        • freedomdove

          Btw, the only thing obama did with the DAPL was to stop it right before it was finished. HE allowed it to get started in the first place, so if you need to point the finger at someone, point it at your buddy.

    • Ed Jackson

      Send it to Obama, he’s still there, behind the scenes, being the loser.

  • Linda Ferland

    The destruction of everything the 98% hold dear!

  • Wayne

    For the rule makeing see 75 Fed. Reg. 63,552 (Oct. 15, 2010) (Proposed Guides) and 2 years later the definitions: 77 Fed. Reg. 62,122 (Oct. 11, 2012) (to be codified at 16 C.F.R. Part 260)

    I may not agree with the rules but This false campeign is very disturbing!!