The Alliance For Natural Health
  • Diane Jones

    The pharceuticals keep trying to outlaw vitamins and supplements. I think they should be tested out to be sure they are safe but then let folks decide if they want to take them. These drug companies want profits above cure, preventive or sustaining health. Epi Pens, Insulin etc. outrageous.
    Healthcare should be there for anyone who wants it. If you look at the prices in Canada; they are a lot cheaper from the SAME company. If you are lucky enough to get a bottle with the Mfg infor READ where it is made; many are NOT made in America. I had one, it was made in Ireland.
    Now is every bottle made outside of US tested for quality??
    There are many things in our homes that can treat things better than chemicals do. no after effects. no cancer, no stomach problems. and GMOs with carcinogen saturated seeds that still carry the carcinogen when mfg. into our food products is outrageous. But Monsanto pays everyone off to let them do it. Payola. There is a listing of how much each Congress person received from them to pass the Dark Act. Name, party and amount of money, it is shocking. Millions to each. And guess who pays the majority share of the FDAs budget?

  • Gab San

    Personally, I love the “attitude” i get from my GP when i attempt to explain the plethora of reasons I am in no way interested in pharmacologic treatment (I mean except for the morphine drip if/when needed, of course. 😉 She looks at me curiously, as if she thinks me from another planet. She has nothing else in her playbook except script writing, referral writing, and having no idea of the extensive contents of my medical record. At $160 per visit I find all of this highly pathetic!