The Alliance For Natural Health
  • docten

    The send message button above is not working

  • reolife

    the British are coming

    • Truth4All

      One if by land, two if by sea!

      • reolife

        well, looks like they landed … the internet now belongs to the UN

  • nrbrk

    The “Send” link doesn’t work.

    • Maryjane Daniels

      Yup..thats true^

      • Mason Chase

        Then write an actual email to your congressman/senator. And put it into your own words. Do you think they’ll pay much attention to a cloned message, they’ve already received ?

  • Sandra Howie

    This link only applies to the USA possibly. I am in Canada and it says it doesn’t recognize the postal code.

  • Tere

    the send button makes everything disappear that we just tried to do. The FDA is smashing your work!

  • Susan

    Senator James P. Lankford needs to be voted out of office! He’s also known as the snowball senator.

  • nrbrk

    The send link still doesn’t work.

  • George Henry

    This must have been hacked. The send button does not work from any country, including the USA.

  • Anthony Loera

    Marco Rubio’s web form is limited and you cannot copy the full message.

  • DoinTimeOnEarth .

    It still doesn’t work!

  • Babs42

    I tried to send, my message disappeared, but no indication that th message went through.

  • Raphael

    Senator Boxer has an Access Denied message when trying to use her web mail. Very convenient for her but not for her constituents.

  • AL

    the send is not working!

  • Jonathan Schult

    It worked for me.

  • MendoGal

    ANH, what’s going on? Two months later, still no working link. Just tried to send twice. Send Message doesn’t change when clicked, but a blank page comes up. Possibly the message, to which I added my own comments, is too long?

    • MendoGal

      I just noticed the alternate link, which appeared to work. It should be prominently displayed in larger typeface.

    • MendoGal

      Well, I just got three confirmation emails from ANH, so I guess all three identical messages from me got through. Legislators are evidently getting multiple letters from each constituent, which will not work to our advantage when they have to wade through all of it. Please fix this, ANH.

  • Nora Watts

    Barbara boxers Email IS NOT WORKING.

  • Mario Krantz

    If the send link doesn’t work, then just take the time to find out your senator/congressmen’s email address, and email them manually. That is the best way to do it, all around.

  • Danfire

    I can’t even spend the time to read the whole message! How would I expect my representative to read it!