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Action Alert: Stop Bullying Supplement Retailers!


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  • Marshall

    If Senator Claire McCaskill really wanted to do some good,she would go after big pharma and their dangerous drugs.Big pharma’s drugs kill more people every year than car accidents. I’ve been taking these supplements most of my life with absolutely no ill effects. I also never get sick. Leave my supplements alone!!

    • Stephen Baker

      I totally agree with Marshall. I too have been taking supplements for 30 years and they’ve helped with a number of my health problems.

  • vladilyich

    It’s obvious that Senator McCaskill and her backers in the pharaceutical companies will not be satisfied until a bottle of Flintstone Vitamins costs over $100. I think it’s time a committee investigated her and her financial sources.

    • Davidlj48

      Another politician in Big Pharma’s pocket

      • Allen231


        • brinksmanship

          I totally agree with all three of you. I take about 50 supplements daily, and at 77, am in excellent health. I take no drugs, as they hasten death. These legislators might be unaware that doctors receive almost no training in nutrition in medical school and are taught only cut, burn and poison.

          • Jo Parker

            they are only too aware….that training is what the govt chooses to give them, that is why the govt subsidizes these schools so they can dictate what is taught. What I think is truly horrible is that they pay for all this evil with tax dollars they siphon off of us.

    • Jo Parker

      geeze…. those poison flinstone bombs can be tossed to the curb imho its not worth 25 cents for that bottle of artificial chemicals that’s not what I am fighting for I want the whole food naturals, raw milk, and unpasteurized juices. I want back what the nasty powers that be have taken from us over the years its a real pain to have to travel far and wide to get decent supplements, raw milk and good food

  • RedMeatState

    The Bottom Line is this: OLD PEOPLE ARE EXPENSIVE for the government to maintain. Look at all the Vets that the VA has refused to serve and 1/3 of them waiting for medical attention have died!! This is the Federal Government’s backhanded way to handle expenses like SSA, Vets benefits, etc., Obama and his Admin would rather throw you over a cliff than to keep paying your monthly expenses and medical bills!!
    One more reason to ban anti-aging supplements!! The healthier we are the longer we’ll live!!

    • Madelynn

      This is just the last in a long list of attacks on natural supplements. They don’t want you getting anything anywhere but a prescription from a doctor for a chemical compound. Just another way to make sure you can’t take care of yourself without a doctor.

      • Jo Parker

        and you can fall apart and get shipped to an old age death trap

      • ml01106

        Thanks, Madelynn,from another Madeline!

    • seagazer101

      How can you be blaming President Obama for the greedy actions of the members of Congress? That’s just plain stupid. They scarcely work hand-in-hand, in case you’ve never noticed.

      • RedMeatState

        you’re right about one thing: Congress IS GREEDY!!! EXTREMELY SO!! but I ain’t letting BO off the hook either. $100mil vacations look a little extreme.

      • shidogmehere

        Not only that, congress is the only group who can raise their wages & benefits without our consent. That in itself is TREASON.

        What are they afraid of if the law requires a vote of the people?
        True Democracy?

  • This is the note I posted on Ms. McCaskill’s Facebook page: I appreciate your concern for, and attention to issues of aging, but I have watched you for years attempting to undermine the efforts of alternative, holistic or preventative supplements and foods. In a country where the FDA sanctions copious antibiotics and additives in our main food supply, I find it both frustrating and curious that so many on the Hill fulfill their health vigilance quota by continually attacking the alternative medicine front, which of course has nowhere near the lobby influence of big agri-business or pharm–industries that have historically adulterated our food and health with impunity. For most of us these efforts are transparent. What is worse, sensationalistic language in a weight loss add, or known carcinogenics ubiquitously in our food supply? My personal experience with supplements and organic diet has been astonishing–almost completely reversing debilitating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, when doctors were pushing me to take steroids and experimental medications. I know the profit margin in alternative medicine isn’t what it is in pharm, but there are FAR more dangerous effects from pharmaceutical products, far more researched and documented harmful side effects (or worse), than there is from coconut oil, or St. John’s Wort, etc. I was very disappointed to learn that someone from my own party participates in continually undermining alternative medicine, ostensibly to protect the most powerful and wealthy lobbying group in our country

    • Jo Parker

      great!! couldn’t have said it better myself!!

    • shidogmehere

      We need to be more active in spreading the word about our own experiences by voicing the truth about the fact that doctors are not train to heal us.

      We must not depend on government to look out for our best interest.

      We must start concentrating on one focus and that is too “Deliver Us From Evil People & entities not of this world” and Thy will be done.

      “Collective Consciousness” is the Answer too a better world, free of manipulators of the human race.

  • Jo Parker

    basically these people do not want us healthy or even alive I am so sick of their meddling they need to get a real life instead collecting welfare off the govt “servant” jobs

  • shidogmehere


  • ml01106

    good point, Marshall! Leave us alone.I’ve been taking care of my health for over 40 years and am doing just fine.

  • Elle R

    Respectfully, Ms McCaskill and company – the betrayal of your
    constituents, and of us all, in exchange for granting the greedy and
    power-grabbing “Bigs” their wishes, is both disappointing and

    Again respectfully, I hope you all lose your next
    elections- and will pass this article on to everyone I can in hopes of
    same – because I believe you will ignore our wishes and continue on the
    health-wrecking course you have set for us.