The Alliance For Natural Health
  • Benchkey

    I’m highly allergic to FD&C food colors, the colors most common in foods these days. A tiny diluted drop sends me to Emergency, must keep an EPI pen handy, and will suffer for 7-8 days because of contamination. Wasn’t that way when I was young, but in my 30’s it started to appear. Just imagine if you become sensitive to those food colors. Why not use natural colors?

    • MrsSpooky

      or why use colors at all? That would be my choice. This is enough to make me stop eating meat altogether. 🙁

      • Andy Miller

        That would be the best choice!
        Our bodies were not designed to eat meat!

        • MrsSpooky

          We are designed for a primarily plant based diet yes. But the canine teeth suggest meat also, in very limited amounts considering the length of our gut, which was designed for breaking down plant matter.

          I was a vegetarian for nearly 13 years then started eating meat and fish again. I’m eat very little meat now, and am on the verge of stopping completely again.

          • Steve Thomas

            Vegetables are not food. They are what food eats.

          • MrsSpooky


          • rational_being

            We are omnivores, but we depend on cooking to extract enough calories from food via our relatively short guts, to power our brains.

      • Steve Thomas

        Our bodied were designed to eat meat, but I prefer to shoot my own. Deer, hogs, and turkey. The hogs are are better than any beef I can remember eating and I will not even eat the pork at a Chinese buffet.

  • Alan8

    The Country-Of-Origin-Labeling laws were overturned by the “free-trade” agreements supported by BOTH corporate-funded parties.

    Yet another reason I vote Green Party.

  • nick quinlan

    Congress gives not a [email protected]#!k what citizens want. They only do the bidding of the United Banks and Corporations of America

  • n8ftc

    Well i don’t have much sympathy for the meat eaters who are directly contributing to global climate change, destruction of the Amazon and other land areas as well as the oceans, extinction of many “comepting” animal species, etc. Just stop eating beef and there won’t be a problem. I did years ago!

  • Lee Kepley

    This should be a no brainer for Congress. This is why I am worried.

  • Jerry Schull

    Actually I find that meat from Canada, (Labeled from Canada), to be quite good. BUT I strongly support COOL. My Congressman, Perdue, said they had no choice or suffer a trade war. That was cowardly of him.

  • kkc003

    watch how they vote and if they vote to not label then they are saying they do not support usa jobs. if any leader does not support usa jobs or the will of the people of this nation, they deserve to not be employed. we don’t need posers in office. we need leaders that protect this nation, not Mexico, not Canada and not china.

  • alvin stein

    the win-win situation for all is NO MEAT AT ALL