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  • Abby701

    Pharmacetical drugs have been proven to cause death and serious side effects. Yet, tey are passing FDA and still being used. This is an effort by FDA and th Pharmaceutical industry to control our lives completely. After all, its your dollars they are after.

    • mikies123

      Your body is needed by the drug industry for their profit center.

      • Vickie Keiser

        I have an interesting thought about that. Jesus was meek while on earth, but he did get angry enough to drive the money changers from the courts of the Temple. Today Christians believe their bodies are the “Temple of the Holy Spirit”. I wonder how Jesus feels about the use of his people’s bodies as pharmaceutical profit centers.

        • Laura Woford

          Right on!

        • CrazyHermitDogWoman

          This is why we have so many people in this country who walk about in a mental and spiritual fog. Pharmacia in the N.T. is interpreted ‘witchcraft’, O.T. is similar. Most Christians are on these and, believe me, if you can believe this is ok, you will believe anything.

          • Suzie Nunnally Clary

            It’s the whole education system, including all media and entertainment. I’m saying this here, though I know I risk being seen as a lunatic, the scriptures most definitely say we live on a flat surface that does not move. I believe this process of the earth getting smaller and smaller in comparison pushes the agenda of how humans are nothings, which is opposite of earth centered understanding that highlights or brings forth the high value of humans. Satan hates humans. I think it’s why at the end of days Revelation says – to the church – to come out of Babylon. It’s mind-blowingly AMAZING how knowledge from the tree of good and evil permeates all we do, including believers. Praise God for his great mercy. I think that 144k spoken of will supernaturally be protected from knowledge of good and evil, and will know and move in truth. The rest of us have to have it pulled off in layers.

          • CrazyHermitDogWoman

            A good post, and an interesting one at that!

    • Becky Biehl

      They are also doing everything they can to make the road to the New World Order much easier to travel.

    • Linda J Solomon

      Plus often times one leads to another and another, etc. and dependency on that garbage. What many people don’t know b/c they choose not to change, is that they aren’t their own advocate and put all their trust in allopathic medicine not realizing that there are natural substances that help even better than the drugs their docs prescribe with NO side effects!

    • Di

      There is also a depopulation agenda …or agenda 21

      • Suzie Nunnally Clary

        Yes! It’s the number one cause of death in America… probably in all industrialized nations.

    • ACommentator

      This fact should be mentioned in the letter.

  • disqus_YuwjDSsDp0

    They probably want to get CBD oil and hemp oil products off the market since they are cousins to the cannabis plant. The gov’t is in an absolute panic over this tsunami of cannabis legalization and defiance by most of the states. If they can’t get a handle on all of this, that means no money for big gov’t and the politicians. But it’s gotten to the point now where it’d be about like the gov’t trying to control dandelions. It’s going to take some more time, but it ain’t gonna happen. We the people have spoken.

    • Jon

      Speaking of which, See reviews on Amazon for “The Dandelion Insurrection!” Fabulous novel by Rivera Sun.

  • Chris Joseph

    I added “Show me the real science- I would like to see a comparison between Homeopathic medicines and “conventional” FDA approved drugs, deaths per hundred doses used.” Anyone may copy…

  • Julie Grote

    Homeopathy is safe, much better than a number of “approved” medicines that have many side effects.

  • Dave Ehrlichman

    This is outrageous and a disgusting abuse of power, despite the safety record of Homeopathy over centuries, compared to the toxic, dangerous, FDA approved drugs that kill countless people every year.

    • Marilyn Bartlett

      You are so right! pharmaceuticals kill many people every day. Homeopathy has been used way before the drug companies created all of their synthetically created drugs. People deserve to have a choice!

      • Becky Biehl

        It is our God-given right to have a choice – It’s called freedom!

  • gypsearose 8

    I signed the petition but did not like the wording calling homeopathics drugs.
    They are not drugs they are remedies.

    • Rhonda Watts Hettinger

      You can edit most of these e-mails/petitions–add, cut, or change to personalize your opinion.

    • disqus_k68sqSa7lb

      that’s big pharma for you most drugs don’t cure but most remedies do cure. big pharma wants to hook you for life. and then there’s all the drugs they can sell you to handle the side effects of the other drugs.

      • Laura Woford

        So correct! It’s an evil cycle!

    • Carol

      I informed them by editing the text that they are not drugs because they are naturally growing or I can make them in my kitchen. Drugs are manufactured in a lab…They need to stop meddling in our supplements…they do this every year trying to get more money for big pharma. We need formal meetings to be heard…they are trying to usurp our freedom and authority.

      • BEN

        TOTALLY agree with you, but at least we can get something started!!! I’ve never used homeopathic remedies and may never use them, but it’s the idea that this would even be considered!!!! big pharma’s gotten too damn big for their britches!!!

        • Carol

          You are right on target , Ben!

      • CrazyHermitDogWoman

        I edited by writing, that I hope if my legislators don’t get this immediately out of the hands of the FDA, that they die of painful cancer and cancer treatments. My woman Phy Assist told me, “You were right”, 2-weeks before she died of cancer and the treatments at the age of 43, with one daughter still in high school. I have killed cancer in myself and my dogs (routinely, it’s easy) and have corrected conditions which the medical ‘professionals’ would have touted as near miraculous. I have never before written anything like this, hoping for a painful demise for those who cause so much suffering to others.

        • Vickie Keiser

          I know what you mean. I have had much anger over this and similar issues. It has improved as I’ve found ways to take appropriate actions. I pray a lot.

          • CrazyHermitDogWoman

            and, we keep fighting and using whatever tools we have to make our voices heard. I am very, very curious to know how producers of my natural products are responding to this.

        • Darlene de la Plata

          Would love to know what you used to heal cancer in both you and your animals. Please private message me if you feel more comfortable.

          • CrazyHermitDogWoman

            I am reading that there is no private messaging within Disqus. If you know how, please advise. I have developed a dog cancer protocol. So far, I have had 100% success with myself and my animals. My Naturopathic doctor says, “It’s easy.” They don’t advertise, all is by word of mouth. They have no case civil suits against them. hum? I say, it’s easy. People are hard. My information on cancer is fairly extensive, maybe a couple of pages, but will be glad to share for anyone willing to be open-minded. I never, ever use the word ‘heal’ when referring to cancer. You kill the d*** thing. If we want to be successful, we have to look at nomenclature of how we think of cancer– or anything. Cancer will never be healed, but like pathogens, it can be killed– while you heal what caused the condition and at the same time support the body. bla bla. :>

          • Dawn Gurley


          • Dawn Gurley

            Can you message me these pages on how to heal cancer in animals and humans?
            I’m a longtime journey of natural remedies and herbs but I don’t know much about homeopathy.
            I would greatly appreciate it.

          • CrazyHermitDogWoman

            Here is my Dog Cancer Protocol
            We are not suppose to include specific product information, but have kept some in. I do not know of anyone in the country now producing DIC and have thought about cooking it down myself, as it needs to be fresh cooked. Had a plant ph.d genius-type to share the DIC with me. I’ll make more than one post and we’ll see what happens.

          • CrazyHermitDogWoman

            I have used these groups in 2 stages, separated by 3 months of 0-treatment, then 2 months of 0-treatment. It doesn’t seem to matter which treatments are grouped with any other treatments. Just give dogs a rest period, even 1-several weeks in between. They are not harmful to use individually or group in combination, just give a break for dog’s body to recuperate. These treatments have reduced at least 6 different types of cancer/tumors in 3 dogs over a term of 8 months to 1/4 the size of all tumors regardless of type, with no detrimental health consequences of any dog. The Black Salve can be applied directly on a tumor close to the skin if the hair can be removed, black slave applied and covered, and the dog can be kept from pulling off the bandage. Black Salve will pull out a close to the skin tumor in dogs within 24 hours. The remarkable thing is that when I quit treating the dogs after the first round covering 2 months and the second round of 2 months, is that ALL the tumors, including whole body, continued to shrink during the no-treatment phase of 3 months or less each.
            Since I wrote this, I have had more experience with dogs and myself with cancer, and will go on at the end of all the posts to explain my personal favorite method of killing cancer.

          • CrazyHermitDogWoman

            DCA (Sodium Dichloroacetate)
            Fulvic Acid (extracted from peat moss) + Turmeric
            Dan Jarvis, ph.d, is no longer doing this.
            Reliable source produced in G.Briton.

          • CrazyHermitDogWoman

            My N.D. uses a proprietary product called Omni-Immune for all cancers, AIDS, and all the Heps. He has a 100% cure rate on all, except depending on how much damage has been done by the medical people. They also use Black Salve. Also, Ron Logan, internationally renown herbologists uses Black Salve. More on BS later.

          • Suzie Nunnally Clary

            You said ‘cure’.

          • CrazyHermitDogWoman

            Whoops! My bad ! They may or may not refer to it as a cure, but you are correct in catching me in my own semantics. I would call it a 100% kill rate as all cancers and all pathogens need to be KILLED. There is no way of healing the body out of them. :))))))

          • CrazyHermitDogWoman

            send my your dot address.

          • Darlene de la Plata

            Well if there is a way to do it I am at theherbmom at yahoo dot com … we can see if that will work.

          • Tara Mather

            I would very much like to receive your protocol for fighting cancer. I am using conventional treatments right now but have major misgivings about it.
            Tara Mather
            [email protected]

    • Colorado Conservative

      You can change the wording in the letter to better suit what you would like to say. You do this by clicking inside the message box itself and editing it.

    • Jo Dhooghe

      I changed all homeopathic “drug” references to “remedies”, which is what they are.

    • Ronda Janell Wintheiser

      No, according to the standard definition — a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the boy — homeopathic remedies are drugs.

    • Dave Butts

      They will be called whatever your told.

      Sincerely, your government

    • ACtually, under FDA since 1938, because we have our own FDA pharmacopia, that defines a substance as a drug, therefore, all homeopathic remedies are considered “homeopathic drugs.” And they are manufactured in FDA registered, inspected, and regulated laboratories in the US – but from primarily natural substances. The FDA’s pre-publication press release truly made it sound, however as if, in general, homeopathic remedies were being thrown together in a backroom bathtub with no FDA restrictions or oversight, no documentation, no Good Manufacturing Practices, when in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. In the US, homeopathic pharmacies and manufacturers have to be FDA registered, inspected, and they must document the “pedigree” of everything they use in manufacturing – just like a pharmaceutical company. The difference is, our proof of efficacy is different – because how homeopathic remedies work is different – from Pharma drugs. And that is what is being used against them. Since we don’t have the deep pockets required to purchase fudged studies that demonstrate the “efficacy” the drug company seeks, and downplays the side effects (homeopathic remedies have none!) as Pharma does, our remedies are being declared “not generally recognized (by Big Pharma standards) as safe and effective” even though nothing in Big Pharma has ever been either. Not since the use of pure mercury (quicksilver) to treat syphilis about the time that Samuel Hahnemann, MD discovered homeopathy – as a safer answer.

    • Patricia P. Tursi

      Labeling them as drugs plays into their attempt to regulate.

  • Judy Ballenger

    Ironically the 90 year old Queen of England has her own homeopathic doctor… This wonderful medicine is over 300 years old, give or take. The problem is that the morons making these decisions have no idea, not a clue, as to exactly what these remedies are and how they are formulated. It shows the unending ignorance of people who are trying to control healthcare via the corrupt and evil pharmaceutical companies, the AMA, and completing the trinity, the FDA. We must not let them run over us like we’re ants. The Flu Nosode we used this year has PREVENTED more flu, and lessened symptoms in people with the flu more effectively than any other product on the market – all with absolutely no risk to the human…go figure

    • disqus_k68sqSa7lb

      yes we’ve been using muco coccinum for 15 years. I never have and never would get a flu shot.

      • Linda J Solomon

        They keep pushing for people to get flu shots of all those toxins, yet have openly stated that this particular vaccine isn’t really successful this year for the flu that’s going around!! That makes NO SENSE!! Get in line sheep and take your medicine…because we said so……..NOT! 🙁

    • Don’t forget the Queen Mum who only died a few years back at the tender age of 101 after a lifetime of using homeopathy as the official healing modality of the British Royal Family – ever since Queen Adelaide made it so in 1810 – and homeopathy had been around a while at that time, as well!

    • CrazyHermitDogWoman

      A homeopathic producer of all sublingual products, came out with a flu ‘vaccine’ about 5-yrs ago. It had the flu of the season and used natural plant preservatives, not mercury, formaldehyde, or other. IT WORKED! It could be used to build up the system prior to flu contact, or used after one got the flu. I worked in a nursing home setting and, believe me, it worked ! Used it for 2-years, then the label and wording changed to Flu Support. Ordered it anyway. It DIDN’T work. A couple of years later, the vac’s people had their sublingual on the market. The facts are: 1) flu viruses are natural and the FDA can’t regulate them and Pharma doesn’t own naturals, and 2) Sublingual dispensing is not owned by Pharma, so how did this come about? A number of producers of products I use have received their Cease and Desist letters, as well. Pharma and the FDA are determined to own the market on your health, er uh, your continued non-well being.

  • Jennifer Wheeler

    No money in healing! Think it’s time our FDA needs an overhaul and stop catering to big pharma! Get money out of our health and politics. Homopathic is a safe alternative and heals. FDA does not protect the people..smh

    • bumblingjack

      Exactly. I hoped when we got rid of Obama things would get better in this wheelhouse too, hopefully these are FDA swamp people that are on theto-purge list

      • Becky Biehl

        They have to be, because they are a major part of the Illuminati’s control and the New World Order which will eventually be taken down by the higher realm.

        • Carol

          Maybe it is time for all of us to write to our President…
          He wants to hear from us…he said so!

          • Carol Tarleton Drymon

            Let me kno ho that works out for y’all.

          • Carol

            Doing something is better than sitting and complaining!

          • Becky Biehl

            The problem, Carol, is that Trump very well could also be a member of the Illuminati. He does use the hand signs.

          • Carol

            No way! This man and his family have given up everything he worked his whole life for just to help America. He is taking no salary, he has already spent a billion dollars of his own money to get rid of the swamp. He has his life and his families life threatened every single day…he is doing all of this for the love of America. He is the only one who cannot be bought, has economical astuteness, knows how to get things done expediently as in the art of the deal…I know he is the real deal and I thank God for him everyday. I already have written to him on 3 different occasions and he has gotten back to me on each one…I trust him, he is good at this , I believe he was chosen by God. He has given us our rights to faith back, to be able to speak our mind and he will not usurp states rights as he has written to me…he is a good and intelligent man…he does many signals to let the elites know that he has their number.

          • Becky Biehl

            There is a lot of deception in the matrix which we know as the world. Trump, himself, said he is no longer a member of the Illuminati. What are we to believe? I come from a fundamental Christian background, but unlike most of my fellow Christians I see the big picture. Can anyone honestly forget how Trump treats women, and how he handed paper towels to the people of Puerto Rico after the hurricane? Let’s face it – We are programmed from birth to live for the elite, and it is the very reason God told us the meek will inherit the earth. Most of the elite throughout the world are members of the Satanic Illuminati, and have done and continue to do some of the most horrific things decent people can’t even imagine. They don’t even come close to acting human, but it makes sense when you learn who their allegiance is to. I do believe God is using him for a purpose we are still in the dark about, but is it to further the New World Order or stop it? The very first thing Trump should have done as president is clean up the sky – No more chemtrails! We are still waiting for this action to be taken. One day Archangel Michael will cut all ties that bind by taking down all of the Satanists in the 3rd dimension. I’m taking the wait-and-see attitude as to who is on the list for demise.

          • Carol

            Wow, Becky! You almost had me there! Women under Trump have been treated fantastically and will tell you so, the locker room talk is the only thing they could get on the man at all in all these years…really, really! How have you spoken when you were out with your friends as a teen? Who records the locker room anyway? Did you watch the footage on the paper towels? I did and what he did was perfectly normal…someone asked for towels in the back of the room so he threw them at them…I would have too…it wasn’t disrespect…it was the quickest way to give them towels! He did order all of the chemtrails to stop the day he was sworn in but the, the CIA, have not listened to him…just like JFK. I , too, believe that the elites are satanists. There is always good involved somewhere in there as well…God knows what he is doing and I believe the way Trump was raised, his values, him having enough money they cannot touch him/ His religious persuasion all lead us to the conclusion that God put him here for this..he has the ability, he is a genius, the tenacity , the respect the intelligence, written the art of the deal and has made the entire world at this point respect him and our nation once again. He has already refused a pay check for him and his entire family, spent 1 Billion of his own money for lawyers for the inquest, rounding up those that are on their way to gitmo. He is rounding up and shutting down all of the pedophiles, the elite pedos, human trafficking, child trafficking, he is giving fair hearings already to those who have been picked up held in detention and flown to GITMO. He is shutting down anyone who is corrupt or who hurts this country and our people…When have you ever seen that before? When he says he cares, he does. I have written to him about a couple of things 3 different times and he has written me back each time…The bushes, clinton, obama, rockerfellers, Comey, all of the other satanists, most of them you don’t see because they have already been picked up and are in jail, the leg braces were to hide the ankle bracelets that let us know if any of them try to flea. As an aside, Most of the famous rock stars are children of the CIA. They are satanists as well and Illuminati..there is a lot of it out there .Watch how many will not be coming back to congress because they are pedos and have been caught. God will not have it any longer and is cleaning house! Praise God! Now lets stop with killing children in the womb and killing the elderly. Let us all love our neighbors! We are on the same side 😉

          • Becky Biehl

            Actually, Carol, even though I’m aware of and understand the wiles of a teenager I was reared by a narcissistic mother, so I was never really a part of the common sense childhood. I’m an adult and still waiting to date. I let my intuition be my guide, and trust no one other than those I intuitively feel I can. I follow David Icke, so I know the Illuminati and other secret societies are being taken down, but to whom does the credit really belong? The Illuminati is Satanic, and since demons are metaphysical and do not function on the physical level in the same way as humans, we cannot destroy the Illuminati simply by putting them in prison. The higher realm is definitely in play as the veil is lifting and we step into the 5th dimension. I do believe in the wait-and-see approach as it’s all any of us can really do, aside from raising collective consciousness.

          • Carol

            Good day, Becky. Now we are getting down to the point. God will lead you if you just let Him so your not dating yet is a good thing. What is really going on has nothing to do with any of us other than we are either with God or for satan. This is a war in the making for a millennial or more. It is a fight between good and evil. If we continue to choose God, keep praying and trusting…God will give us a reprieve for awhile because His Mother asked Him for one for us. We will go through a bit of rough time but God is eliminating evil….period! God has all of us here now for a reason and we all have special jobs to do before we die…let us love each other and try to follow our conscience or the Holy Ghost and do whatever it is God has planned for each of us. God willing, we will all come out the other end of this better than we went in it with a time of peace prepared for us. Eventually, we will need to finish the battle…but for now..let us enjoy watching our Father in Heaven take care of us and let us be the best children we can for Him. Have a blessed day one and all! We only have the here and now…by the way…yesterdays missile was a nuke and it was prevented from doing damage, thanks to Trump who was in Hawaii at the time we are in the middle of a horrible war it is different than we have ever fought before…pray for our President and stand up for him to help others not be afraid due to what they see that they do not understand.

          • Suzie Nunnally Clary

            I’m glad you mentioned the war. We all have to be aggressive in fighting for the minds of our neighbors. Most people are busy working, raising families, most are not able to rest, they only get doses of news in bits. And it lives on the surface of our minds, believing it must be true, or ‘they’ wouldn’t get away with it for so long. Keeping the message going, writing to congress, op eds are good in local newspapers. I wish I had better sources now for op eds. I don’t write well myself, but would use someone else’s with permission to put my name on it for purpose of local connections. What would really be great is if we can get citizens back to focusing on local govt and affairs than national. We can change the nation in a generation if we can get back into the local scenes and fight there. I’m an armchair fighter. Hoping this year will be a miraculous transformation and I’ll be able to move and engage outside my home.

          • Carol

            AWWWW Suzie! I am right there with you! I need to move as well just to be able to live outside, in the garden, take a walk…it is not going to happen here in the city. Houses here do not sell…but I am going to keep trying ! I have been working to try and change our local government as well…don’t discredit yourself. My state reps do not know my face but they sure as heck no my name. Keep fighting …this year will be trans-formative! I am not so good at writing either…but I just want to educate people so that we all have a chance…persistence pays, God says so!

          • Sara

            If they don’t know your face and only your name is that because you are trolling?

          • Carol

            I think you are doing exactly what the democrats do, call someone else or blame someone else for exactly what you or the democrats are doing…that is a troll. You could have provided positive feedback we all could have learned from but instead you have wasted everyones time…I will pray for you.

          • Sara

            And exactly where is this president showing his support for Puerto Rico now? People are dying..wake up

          • Carol

            Good day, Sara. No, I am not kidding. Maybe you are not aware but our President did take supplies to Puerto Rico and the Puerto Rican Government had their truckers go on strike so that the supplies would not be delivered. I would have thought you knew this because you are paying attention.,…the mayor there, intentionally made sure that the supplies were not delivered and the only way you could receive them was to make the journey there to pick them up per family. This is corruption at its finest. You can lead a horse to water…but Puerto Rico’s mayor complained on tv that Trump never helped them as you can see with your own eyes they are stacked behind her…this is a gem of a providence…it is corruption…do a wee bit of digging! Maybe the people should fire its government and start taking care of each other…it is pretty bad when the government there will not lift a finger to help and intentionally calls upon the only people there who could deliver the supplies to go on strike.

          • Sara

            Maybe we should lift all people and help the Puerto Ricans and their country out of the debt crisis they are in and do our work with them –I have friends on the ground. You might want to try to go live there in the country where people still don’t have electricity and the government has done a drop of the volume that is needed. Showing up to throw paper towels in a photo op is not the same as helping people. And for anyone in our country to to call any other government corrupt is simply only possible because our government is so unGodly corrupt at this time. Led by Trump and insanely supported by Republicans and Fox news.

          • Sara

            He has made more money as president than he ever has –wake up

          • Carol

            I think maybe you should take your own advice before you make yourself look foolish. He has lost over a billion dollars as president…you can verify this yourself . I would love to understand the way you think if you could show me just how he supposedly accrued any funds. I would need you to provide the source. You are speaking without facts.

          • Sara

            Oh Carol –I love the way you think. Here’s the deal. You are correct–he has lost a paycheck. That is NOT how people of great wealth make their money. You might want to do a bit of research yourself on the extra money he has made off of our tax payer dollars –like golfing and buying rooms and increasing the membership fees and the 100K a head dinners at his property at Mar Largo–or the hotel in Washington where foreign dignitaries stay or if you can follow this kind of thing–money laundering of properties in a variety of countries or the list goes on and on. A paycheck? I did look for your missing billion dollars –well, that’s a lot of money and no he didn’t –he was reimbursed for his campaign monies and if you want to count “giving up” his businesses (which he didn’t ) as a loss–well that’s the only way you get to those figures. I am speaking with as clear facts as you have in a nontransparent and dishonest Administrative culture.

          • Sara

            you have got to be kidding —

    • Linda J Solomon

      Neither do many of the other agencies that are supposed to be there for our benefit, EPA, USDA, on and on. 🙁 I’ll go with EWG and Cornucopia Institute thank you and an alternative healer any day! 🙂

      • Suzie Nunnally Clary

        I gotta look those up.

  • Om Rajamani

    There are about 200 Homeopathy Colleges in the world (over 100 in India alone)…How could they survive all these decades if homeopathy doesn’t work? Homeopathy is an absolutely wonderful therapy and can offer permanent solutions to chronic ailments.

  • jlbhouston

    I’ve been using homeopathic/alternative medicines for years and have had great success with them. They are used all over Europe, China, etc and those governments don’t meddle into them like the FDA is doing over here. I figured it would be a matter of time before the FDA stuck their noses into homeopathic because they want a piece of that pie. And that’s the only reason because they certainly don’t care about our well-being. If they did, they wouldn’t allow pharmaceuticals whose side effects can cause death.

    • Carol

      They certainly would not be spoon feeding us round ups glyphosate, gmos or all the the contaminants in our water !

  • Shirline

    This is just another Government Agency needing to be overhauled.

  • Diana Martin

    I would be dead if not for natural minerals So called meds kill look at the number of bad side effects over the good ones Pain killers my husband hardly took ate his stomack lining he suffacated in his own blood at age 43 The guy that caused his bad injurie runs free and caused one other deth the same way the guy deals crack with a ldy judge here so says all about the government Whena tube of skin cream is $1000 that says all Hope Trump can fix this soon

  • David S

    I’ve read that as John D. Rockefeller and his cohorts founded the FDA, he retained his personal homeopath and refused treatments from MDs.

    • ACommentator

      Really? Do you have a link, to show others?

  • aquak

    If it doesn’t make money for the big pharmacies, the FDA can’t approve it because the FDA is owned by big pharma, lock, stock, and barrel.

  • Justinian

    The FDA is owned by the big pharmaceuticals.

  • Casey Towne

    FDA is there to gurentee a monopoly by Allopathic medical science. No matter if they are the number one cause of death and bankruptcies in the western world.

  • fed up

    lets turn america into a “shithole”

  • Nina Marrocco

    They deem homapathic medicine as a new drug and unsafe but what about all the MILLION’S of people who have been using them for YEARS and proven to be very safe and very healing!!!! I am one who has taken them for YEARS and have been helped immensley by them!! The FDA is nothing but a CRIMINAL organization run by Evil!!!

  • John Sheehan

    WTF homeopathy is a scam, and you nut cases want to protect it? I guess ignorance is bliss, lol.

    • Linda J Solomon

      YOU are the ignorant one!! We’ve used and been helped by what we support without side effects and worse health problems as what often happens when one begins to take a drug! If you don’t know what you’re talking about why do you criticize us? Become enlightened or be quiet! But that’s okay, b/c we know what we’re talking about and YOU DO NOT!

    • CrazyHermitDogWoman

      Enjoy your chemotherapy and ultimate demise by same.

      • John Sheehan

        Perhaps if you looked up the Dunning-Kroger syndrome and how it coincides with tribalism it will give you a base line to make informed judgments, And as an aside I have to acknowledge that, yes, we are all going to die someday, Finally I recommend that you read a volume called “The Emperor of Maladies” by Sidhartha Mukherjee before you start tossing around silly remarks about chemotherapy.

        • CrazyHermitDogWoman

          There’s no proof in reading. The proof is in the cure. But then, you wouldn’t know that, would you?
          btw. . .why are you on ANH if you don’t believe in naturals?

      • John Sheehan

        Look up Dunning-Kroger syndrome

        • CrazyHermitDogWoman

          Well, yes, I bow to your intellectual superiority. And you can remember me and my dogs when you get your cancer diagnoses and treatment. They had cancer and no more, my tests showed rapidly developing cancer, then zero. hummmm? Must have been my mistaken assessment as an unskilled individual suffering from illusory superiority. But what do I care, after all my illusion of superiority has killed the cancer! I must be a genius because it came about completely accidently from my mistaken assessment! You’re BRILLIANT!

        • CrazyHermitDogWoman

          BTW, you still haven’t answered my question as to why you would be on ANS, a organization dedicated to preserving natural medicines. Oh, I know. Because you’re smarter than everyone here. Yes, I can see that by your profile.

  • Rex Kittle

    The FDA is totally Illegal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are protecting the Drug and Food companies, NOT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The FDA MUST BE CLOSE DOWN…………..N O W !!!!!!!

  • Rex Kittle

    File a class action lawsuit again the FDA because they are legal and they are NOT PROTECTING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sol

    Health is business for the drug industry. Homeopathy has existed for centuries and it is completely safe!

  • Margaret Fuller

    This is TOTAL BS. The FDA and the drug cartel want to supply every man, woman, child, and PET with toxic chemicals! Stay away from the AMA and MD’s. They are behind this insanity!

    • Enough’s Enough

      Funny thing…haven’t standard MDs been smugly saying that homeopathics are “fake — nothing in them” for decades? Now they want to classify them as drugs? Wish they’d make up their minds! lol

      • ACommentator

        That is kind of ironic.

  • disqus_7EcB0kPDrU

    The death toll from FDA approved and promoted opoid drugs is staggering. And they want to restrict perfectly safe homeopathic remedies??/ FDA is owned by big pharma, it’s a total disgrace.

    • Linda J Solomon

      Asinine isn’t it? It’s allllllllllll about profit and nothing more! This country has become the opposite from progressive. America is in a sad state of affairs re: almost all issues that impact the citizens here! 🙁

  • Linda N

    Next on the FDA hit list will be all supplements. We write and write and they just laugh. The FDA is totally corrupted by Big Pharma.

  • Pro-Israeal

    The FDA is an agency without elected officials. It is time to remove any power/authority they have as they only abuse it. They do no good for anyone but themselves and big pharma.

  • EE

    Also send a letter to Trump so he can eventually clean up the FDA swamp! Make the FDA prove items to be banned are harmful for items that have been in use for over 50 years.

    • Linda J Solomon

      Do you actually perceive that that goofus would do anything or even know what to do about that? He doesn’t even know what he’s doing daily in general!! 🙁

  • david counts

    we have ben lied two by drugs co. for last 100 years or so .

  • SeaKat

    They need to be challenged they take multiples of their FDA approved drugs, we take a like amount of homeopathic remidies. Let’s see who gets sick (or dies) first.

  • Patricia Schiewe

    My sister in law who is very into modern medicine can not get through the allergy season without homeopathic medicine. She has the pills in the glove compartment, her purse, her kitchen drawer etc. These are essential to her and she is the one who would normally be in favor of your agency.

    And if you in the FDA had managed to outlaw supplements, and homeopathic remedies I would have been dead about 40 years ago and I am in good health. 84 years old, attractive, have an intact intellect and a happy life and I your policies have resulted in so many deaths. Hang your head in shame.

    • Linda J Solomon

      Good for you Patricia! 🙂

  • Homeopathy is safe and the remedies have worked for me with success.

  • Regina Richards

    When my life in the US is controlled by politics and money, that’s when I drop out of “the American way of life.” The proliferation of toxic substances in the environment, food, and medicine creates a very sick population. We see this all around us. Just look at our “sickness manipulation” costs (highest in the world).

    I recently read (and believe) that the Democrats want illegals to come (and stay) so that their base of support grows. Poor immigrants will believe what they hear just so that they can stay in America.

    I like Trump’s push to vet immigrants in terms of what they can contribute to America. The US is SO FAR in debt. We give without really having the resources to pay our bills. Sounds like the way many Americans manages their personal finances. ….. a road to disaster.

  • Barb Thomas

    I have used homeopathic remedies for years. They are effective and safe. And they work without nasty side effects. I’m allergic to chemicals – I can’t take pharmaceuticals because I’m allergic and have miserable and dangerous side effects. I have a God-given right to be healthy and to choose my methods of attaining that health. The FDA has NO RIGHT to try and make homeopathics illegal.

    • ACommentator

      Good point.

  • Imogene B

    Yes, I agree with you they actual help heal people!

  • I signed up too, and modified the email text to speak of the efficacy with no side effects of all of the homeopathic tonics, tiny pills, and injections (and acupuncture) that my osteopathic and homeopathic doctors have used on me over the years, that have cured me from more than one acute and chronic ailments, often in one or two treatments!

    How can the FDA be “federal” if Big Pharma funds them? Blatant conflict of interest at worst, biased at least. Consumer protection is a good intention, but not by “throwing the baby out with the bath water” (so to speak).

    I run a blog site on a WordPress on the topic of natural and holistic health, Being Wholly Vibrant.

  • Margaret G. Rego

    It’s very simple: I am 82 years old and 35 years ago my homeopatic doctor treated me with natural remedies and my body has been out of doctor’s offices eversince… I go once a year for an anual check up and no one believes I am 82 years old!!! I have 3 retirted doctors in my immediate family … so, Pharma and Med-Insurance companies: SHAME ON YOU ALL TELLING LIES AND MORE LIES ABOUT MOTHER NATURE’S WAYS TO KEEP US HUYMANS HEALTHY!!!

  • Philip Allen

    The FDA and The Major Drug Makers want to control everything in the medical industry such as drugs and approved treatments by the AMA. This is what is wrong with the medical industry now. For example to treat cancer you must use chemo and radiation therapy because they are the approved treatment for cancer. The American Cancer Society has been around the last 50years or so just as cancer has, We are still using the same treatment they did in the late 50’s or early 60’s. We never seem to get closer to a cure because AMA and big drug makers don’t seem to want to cure these diseases because they would lose to much revenue and money if they cured these diseases. Just like diabetes one new organization reported approx. 40 million people has diabetes with dig drug makers raking in over billions of dollars each year for medicines etc. to treat this disease. If they cured this disease look how much money they would lose. This is another reason they want to control vitamins and other homeopathic remedies or medicines…they stand to lose to much money so if they can regulate everything dealing with the treatment of diseases and medicines they can corner the market as usual and continue to make their billions if not trillions of dollars each year. So the likely hood of getting a cure for these diseases is very unlikely because if a cure is found it will be bought up and destroyed to keep these business AMA and big drug makers etc. in control making their billion and trillions in revenue. You would think after 50 years we could have eliminated cancer, but not if the industry really doesn’t want a cure and wants to consider business as usual and uses these diseases as a way to generate revenue money and revenue. Think about it?

    • Fenderman52

      Finding a cure for cancer is signing your own death warrant. Big Pharma plays rough. Many alternate doctors are now leaving America out of fear for their lives and their families. It’s a disgrace of global proportions.

  • Fenderman52

    Chiropractors are guilty too. There is a form of manipulation that can cure your spinal problems in ONE TREATMENT…5 MINUTES! And it cures you for life! It’s all about the position of the cranium on the atlas and it’s being suppressed because it would cost chiropractors billions! I knew one doctor that used this on me, his name was Dr. Shaw in West L.A. Ten years after he cured me I messed up my spine again in a karate accident. Naturally I called him first only to find out that this 30 year old health man was DEAD. They said he had some rare form of lung disease….BUNK…I’ll bet anything they offed him. I’ve searched for years to find someone that knows this technique will no luck. 40 years of suffering and a ruined life because of the greed of the chiropractors that suppress this amazing technique.

  • Certainly makes..sick sense!
    Katherine Marion

  • CrazyHermitDogWoman

    The FDA was established to regulate synthetics, not naturals. This is a vast over-reaching by a department who’s own Director and scientists come from the industry they are suppose to be regulating. One which, btw, has 33-38% net profits in the billions of dollars for keeping Americans sick and never, ever making them well.

  • fanofjesus

    I do not trust the fda to be acting in the public’s best interests, and the same goes for all govt agencies, supposedly entrusted with protection of the public. Now all govt is controlled by satanists/globalists/communists etc and they are trying to steer us toward acceptance of that kind of governing.
    Thank God, I have been studying alternative medicine, herbs, etc etc for many years and if and when these things are taken away from us, I will know what to go out and look for in the fields, mountains, etc for my medicine.
    educate yourself while you still can! Don’t trust google

  • Penelope Sands

    This is unscientific nonsense. How can they say that sugar pills, with no detectable other ingredients are NRAS? How can they say on one hand that homeopathics are a scam and then they are also not safe?

  • ninthwave

    What can we Do about this??

    • fanofjesus

      I assume you mean other than writing your reps and the fda as well as the prez?
      Also, be a good consumer of these products, but do educate yourself on the use of herbs, etc so you will be ready to make your own medicine.

  • Jelena Evans

    Dismantle this rotten place already! They supposed to serve us not rule us!

    • Vickie Keiser

      Yes. I think it is time to dismantle it! Independent testing of products is already happening as we can no longer trust regulatory agencies to do the right thing.

  • Jelena Evans

    My new address is deemed invalid on the submittal. I guess I’ll have to find another one then. 🙁 That’s ok, I’ll be sending lots of those anyway.

  • Shari Thomas

    They may not be drugs, many are ancient medicines. As for me, I would rather use a “natural” product, derived directly from a plant, than something built in a lab,

  • Scot Guariglia

    The FDA should have no jurisdiction over the use of any molecular structure designed and created by nature as their role in nutrition is never conclusive. Restriction through guesswork is not acceptable. Drugs are synthetic and not compatable with our physiology. They can lord over that poison all they want as a syndicate pharma partner but they are not qualified to address natural products with the possible exception of insuring accurate labeling. Stepping over that line is illustration they are not qualified to exist and should be replaced by a private certifying agency.

  • Chris

    “Nautral” is natures way of HEALING Vs the FDA way of prolonging to make billions more for the drug companies. How many FDA approved drugs have neen pulled and sued over????

  • Camille Gilliam

    The FDA has no business taking away natural products that cure diseases. I know because my husband has a very rare condition that cause him to have a Hemorrhagic Stroke at 51. There is nothing to help with what he has over-active adrenal glands or anything for the pain from the stroke, pain meds don’t work on brain damage. How many of you know that Big Pharma is paying the FDA’s salaries, Look up the stories about Otto Warburg, he discovered a cur for cancer in the 40’s and it is why Reagan went to Germany, he had 3 kinds and it never came back. Hyper-baric oxygen kills it at a cellular level.

  • I can’t sign as I’m not American, but full support from my side of the pond!!

  • hookedonfiber

    Of all the stupid moves this one is at the top! Big Pharma is at it again with the lobbying to get as much control over ones daily life as possible. No these are ancient remedies that have been handed down for generations and used with success by people long before Big Pharma came into being. Frankincense and Myrrh were presented to Mary and Joseph at the birth of Jesus. They were prized oils from plants grown in gardens of the day for remedies. They were said to fight infection as well as aid in the recovery of child birth. They were also used for burial as a token of love and respect to prepare the body of the deceased.

  • Corinne Nash

    In this day and age we should be able to treat the cause and Not the symptom of disease in our body. The government should be regulating the way our food is grown and processed as this has been the cause of our health problems today. We need to be responsible and willing to take care of our health with the guidance of qualified doctors of our choice.

  • Jessica Gilbert

    We the People will upraise together if they take away our right to heal ourselves naturally!

  • Steven Gournay

    This has been a long time in the making. It’s a $30 billion industry, whereas ”Big Phartma” is in the trillions. They are coming after homeopathy because it works without complications, and the side effects are where the big bucks are. Piggy backing drugs is their extra House in the Bahamas — Phat Kats rolling in moolah at our expense. I’ve been using homeopathic remedies for 40 years. Arsenicum 30 ( another “poison”) saved our baby’s life from a deadly sudden retrovirus that depleted his breathing by 50% within 15 minutes of onset. No time for emergency room — he was going out — after 2 doses he was breathing normally and started back on the breast. By the time we got to the pediatrician his vitals were normal although he had lost 4 lbs in an hour from severe projectile vomiting. Now that is POWERFUL MEDICINE.

  • David S

    My bad . . . Rockefeller helped found the AMA, which of course works closely with the FDA.

    • CrazyHermitDogWoman

      I didn’t know that. Makes a lot of sense when you know the history of Dr. Rife.

  • Violet Creations (Violet)

    I’ve used homeopathic remedies my whole adult life and didn’t need to go to a MD for over 25 years! The government should stay out of our business and our health. When I slammed my head and whole body on ice in 2014, I went to a medical doctor who had no answers and no drugs that helped me, so I was back to taking care of myself with homeopathics and weed. Let U.S. Grow Weed is my new project-revolutionary project for peace, abolish the Drug War for freedom, peace and prosperity. Government clean up your abusive corruption and leave U.S. alone! Freedom means we have the right to make our own choices about our own lives!

  • Keith Boynton

    It’s all about money and not about health. Alternative medicines are taking away billions of dollars from big pharma and they are fighting back to keep their monopoly. Stand up America and don’t sit on your butt and think there is nothing you can do. If enough people stand up and say we’re taking this anymore, we are going to make a difference.

    The problem as I see is because big pharma has so much money, they are able to buy politicians and they are able to spread lies about natural medicine, and scare people into thinking that anything other than allopathic medicine is unsafe.

  • Suzie Nunnally Clary

    My “take action” just spins. I cannot finish it.

  • Robert

    Ironic how they spent years saying that homeopathy is fake, pseudoscience, and is basically snake oil. Now they want each homeopathic remedy to go through a drug approval process. How can you approve something that supposedly isn’t real? Talk about corrupt.

  • Roseann

    Not enough toxic ingredients in those plant derived products huh! Dear people be AWARE it seems even aspirin contain hamful excipients like saccharine, propolyn glycol, dyes etc..these things are not on the easy to find ingredients label ..they are listed separately on the bottom of the box or on the peel back label. I made the pharmacist at a Walgreens help me look thru every aspirin they sold …(just so he would know,WE KNOW) and he could NOT find one without these poisons …

  • Barb S.

    OK, I agree with statement below mine that homeopathics are not drugs….but remedies. The FDA is only trying to protect the funds for their paychecks…..since big pharma relies on them, i.e. FDA.

  • HalleG

    I developed severe eye floaters after eye surgery. I was told there was absolutely NOTHING that conventional medicine could do about it. I had to stop driving at night. I took a homeopathic medicine and within 8 months my floaters were gone and I could drive at night again. This is disgusting what they are doing. Yet, you are allowed to be pumped full of toxic chemicals of conventional medicine that have side effects three pages long, that mask your problem and will NEVER fix it.

  • Dr Viera Scheibner (PhD)

    I agree that homeopathic remedies are NOT drugs. They are an electro-magnetic imprint of the structure of a substance on a soluent (pure spring water or alcohol). It is a science of polymers and includes the principle of an infinitessimal dose and paradoxical effect. They are considered a no risk client for professional indemnity insurance, while orthodox medical drugs are considered inherently very high risk and uninsurable.

  • 7shaaksdagmailcom7

    I have been fighting the FDA for years. The are greedy and wanting a monopoly.

  • Chirodoc007

    I edited the text because homeopathy is NOT medicine!!! Change it to something like this ” I’m very concerned about the recent guidance concerning the regulation of homeopathic products. It seems to me that in one fell swoop, the FDA has declared that virtually every single homeopathic remedy on the market is being sold illegally–despite what the agency says about applying a risk-based enforcement approach.

    This policy upends nearly 100 years of regulatory history in which homeopathic products were exempted from normal FDA drug approval procedures. This approach made sense: Whatever their efficacy, and there is much debate about that, nothing could be safer than homeopathic preparations.

    There was the case of the teething product that sickened and killed a number of young children–but the problem here was that what was in the bottle did not comport with what was communicated in the labeling. The FDA already has the authority to pull products off the shelves that are mislabeled.

    The result of this action will likely be many, many homeopathic remedies disappearing from the shelves. Given the safety record of homeopathic treatment, this is unacceptable. Consumers have a right to decide for themselves if homeopathy is the treatment they prefer. There is plenty of information out there–let consumers make the decision for themselves..”

  • Janine Fafard

    Is it only people from the States who can write a message? It doesn’t let me do it. I live in Costa Rica. It is absolutely insane and disgusting that they are trying to eliminate homeopathic remedies!

  • disqussion2

    Can you extend the action alert to allow people from outside the US and Canada to get involved?