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  • Debra Lessard

    I would advise people not to mess with whatever hormonal treatment works. Big Pharma are getting upset because more of us are going Organic and using supplements. Too bad for them. The thing is that Big Pharma is trying to take our choices back. Not your experiment any longer.

  • Perry Chapdelaine

    Estriol protects against the cancer-inducing tendencies of estradiol (the strongest estrogen). It helps with “hot flashes” and is not that difficult to compound. The drug companies have been trying for a decade to eliminate compounded hormones, because they work well and are competing with their own synthetic chemical hormone replacements as doctors and patients learn about the natural versions.

  • Bev

    Big Pharma is simply encouraging women to acquire bioidentical hormones from over seas pharmacies. So by protecting their ‘bottom line’ it will be negatively impacted. Instant Karma !

  • J. Lee (shadowgirl)

    leave my estriol alone. This is my health and well being and big pharma should stay out of my health.

  • Lisey Childers

    Women have the right to natural BHRT. Stop Major Pharma/FDA from banning these natural medicines!!

  • Justor

    People think we are free in America.. it is a joke.. an illusion. If we are free why do we not have freedom to choose the medicine and treatment? We are ahead of Mexico, really is that why people travel there to get treatment denied to them by the FDA and we are free! It is time for the American people to rise up against toxic drugs, radiation, and barbaric medicine practiced here.

    • holisticpoet

      Very well said!

      • Justor


  • roxieF

    Estriol has worked so much better for me – I feel like myself again! Please do not take it away!

  • Valerie Waldon

    I’ve used bioidentical hormones for HRT since my hysterectomy in 2011. I couldn’t function without them!

  • jackg63

    Women have the right to the medications that work for them so, leave them alone…

  • heraldmage

    It’s high time that Congress and government agencies act in the best interest of the people rather than to increase profits of Big Pharma or any other corporation.
    Most drug produced by Big Pharma are from petrochemical and other none natural sources and have as many potential side effects, complications including organ failure, carcinogens & death as they have positive results.
    This is especially true of Big Pharma drugs related to women’s pre & post menopausal health. The risk of cancer is so high that women must consent to annual mammograms before annual HRT or birth control prescriptions are renewed. Additionally pap test must also be conducted annually for any women who has a uterus or cervix because of the high incidence of cervical & uterine cancer associated with HRT using artificially created hormones produced by Big Pharma.
    As someone who has undergone 40 years of negative mammograms as a requirement for continued HRT I was tired being held hostage because natural Estinyl was no longer available to humans. So I searched for alternatives, read medical research and came to the conclusion that there are many different natural plants based substance that are equally or actually more effective in managing not just hormonal but other health problems as well. That every civilized culture (ancient & modern) had developed there own herbal & biologic medicines based on regional fauna & flora prior to the age petrochemical distillation to profit from the carcinogenic waste produced by distillation process to change oil to gasoline.
    Today’s healthcare provider are aware of natural medicines and their effects and interactions with not only prescription medication but other natural medicnes. If there is a chance of adverse reaction they advise and give their patients a choice of adding a Big Pharma drug , continuing Biologic/herbal medication or suggest alternative.
    I chose natural herbal/spice supplements to keep me healthy and feeling good. Since I switched from artificial drugs to natural ( herbal & biologic ) treatments I have never been healthier, thinner and in better shape. I also like not only being in control of what goes into my body but understanding why and what to expect. I am more in tune with the needs of my body
    So unless the FDA can demonstrate with multicenter double blind NIH studies that natural medicines & supplements ( herbal, spice & biologic) pose a statistically significant higher risk of complications, organ failure, cancer and/or death than drugs produced by Big Pharma to treat the same conditions it would be outside the authority of the HHS & FDA to band or restrict the use of natural medicines without evidence of their detrimental effect.
    It is NOT the function of the HHS / FDA to protect the profits of corporations. It was created to assure that medically diagnostic / treatments and medications pose no risk to the USA population. Most of Big Pharma medications pose such high risk of complications ( organ failure, cancer or death) it makes me wonder whose interests the FDA are protecting.

  • Carol Petersen

    Estriol also proved to be beneficial for MS. PhaRMA is trying to combine it with another drug to get approval.

  • Janet Dimperio

    When I spoke with my doctor about using compounded hormones he just asked “which would you rather have? Natural hormones or horse pee? You aren’t a horse. Question asked and answered. I’m guessing that they wouldn’t dare touch male hormones.

  • Fred Arthur Tenzer

    Let people use whatever is the cure or, if a cure does not yet exist, whatever is the closest to them to a cure.

  • Rene

    Bioidenticals are significant supports for all aspects of good health. Cognition, Immune system, inflammation, energy, vitality. As usual the absurdity of all these ignorant bureaucrats and archaic medical professionals making decisions for the public health. Well I for one Praise God and thank him for his infinite wisdom and grace in providing All that we need through the plants and minerals etc. to care for our health and live long and satisfied lives. I rebuke that spirit of theft, greed and lies in Jesus name Amen.

    • Wendy Johnson


  • QuintonDouglassCrawford

    Those Republicants and their president Orange-Head leader just found a way to continue attacking women.

    • Wendy Johnson

      No, u are incorrect! Do NOT blame this debacle, that has been years in the making, on President Trump! Especially when Obama had 8 years to help stop this. He is on the side of natural meds and has said so! Fake News doesn’t tell the truth…only “their” truth! If anyone can stop this it will be him. Trust!

    • Bruce Stewart

      Both sides take campaign “contributions” (bribes) from big pharma. As Wendy said after 8 years of Obama nothing changed. Under Bush, nothing changed. Follow the money. Obama’s FDA commissioner was a disaster. It looks like Trump’s FDA commissioner will sadly be a disaster as well.

  • Anita Casalina

    One more level of control over our bodies and giving power to Big Pharma! NO! We will not back down!

  • Gail Battaglia

    There is nothing difficult in compounding bio-identical hormones. This is all a bunch of BS paid for by big pharma. Dear Congress & FDA, if you don’t want a million, angry, hot-flashing women pounding on your door, I’d suggest you leave our natural hormones alone. It was life changing when I finally found something that worked.