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Action Alert: Oppose TPP Deal


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  • riverstrat .

    lol….Our own government works secretely and feverishly behoind our backs to screw us and sell us out to the Globalist Elite as quick and as expeditiously as they can. We need a legal fund to put these Oathbreakers Behind Bars. Urge Alex Jones along with me to start that fund , he has the infrastructure, connections and best platform to make this happen.

    • OhZone

      AJ is a shill for the NWO.

      • riverstrat .

        I partly agree, but explain please…..

      • JustSayn

        No he is not. He’s alerting us to what they’re up to

        • OhZone

          That is a part of their protocol – to let the victim know what is going to happen to him. Why do you suppose he is still alive….giving away their secrets like that?

      • kaz

        Make your case for that probably absurd statement or stop saying it.

    • Trish West

      Our government is owned by the big corporations….. Big Pharma, Oil, etc. That’s why the forced vaccinations, fracking, wars, etc.

      • L Walker

        Not BERNIE !!!

  • Nikki

    The only way to truly stop thi, is for Americans to skip work and take to the streets. Head to Washington and literally take back our country. Millions of people will be heard . By shutting down the system, that keeps people ball and chained to government as well as paying in taxes , you let them know you they have no one to sell their BS too.
    If the American government is given notice by enough citizens, in the form of a shut down they will have to sit up and pay attention. It’s time for them to realize who they are working for.

    • Nikki

      50,000 illegal immigrants did this in LA in 2009 when their rights were being threatened by a proposition.
      50,000 people skipped work, took over McArthur park and ultimately got what they wanted. If illigal immigrants can beat the system, imagine what else can be accomplished?

      • princess

        This would be great, but obmr is waiting for this to happen so he can have Marshall Law and get himself in for another 4 years and arrest people put them in jail.

  • willie raymond mason

    Globilization is making Slaves of us all! Bernie is My Choice for Prez and The Don for Vise Prez.