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  • tbran10

    Let’s get down to the bottom line! It is an affront to the intelligence of the American people to have this phony bill be considered for approval by the Senate. It is not a Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act. It is an act of sabotage to the American public’s right to know what they are consuming! When will this madness stop!

    • William Burke

      Worse. It’s murder and population control.

      • tbran10

        Our disrespect for this earth and the health of mankind is moving us towards the “6th Extinction”. The Pope got it right, but the propaganda machine is well and healthy in the US. A Gallup poll this morning announced that the Pope’s rating has dropped since his encyclical has been made public. How else do you explain that the US is the only nation that doesn’t believe in global warming.

        • William Burke

          Unfortunately, it does. It’s a global taxation scheme to make the 1% richer and the 99% poorer. Figuring global temperature averages is fraught with erroneneous methodology, but it seems pretty clear no such “warming” has taken place in the last 20 years. In the past 4 or so, records have fallen globally at both the high and low end. Such instability has always pointed towards new ice ages in the past.

          THE SUN, not man, is the driver of climate on Earth. Y’know, that big hot ball in the sky? The source of all heat in our solar system?

          And it’s our Sun’s nap time is here; a mini-ice age is in our near future. You’re gonna need your tax money to keep warm.

          • dshacks

            Climate change and climate forecasting are pretty much beyond our capabilities…whether the predictions are right or wrong is something we’ll learn, if there’re right it’ll be to late, if there’re wrong so what?
            However, acidification of the oceans is measurable and glaringly apparent. This may be the greatest threat to the survival of animal life on the planet. Aggressively reducing CO2 in the atmosphere WILL minimize this serious environmental impact. Fossil fuels are the clear cause and should be replaced with non-carbon and carbon neutral alternatives.
            So there…

          • William Burke

            It’s a bullshit taxation scheme. You should ask Al Gore about his 14 mansions you’ve helped pay for. His “carbon offsets” he claims he’s paid have eliminated “carbon” – the stuff LIFE IS MADE OF – HOW, exactly?

            The times of Earth’s greatest CO2 concentration have been times life has most flourished on this planet. Up to 30% CO2. Presently it’s only about 1%. And CO2 is the least of the “greenhouse” gases. Water vapor is the most impactful, by far!

          • Bev Sansum

            Right again, Mr. Burke.

          • William Burke

            Aw, shucks!

    • Ed Jackson

      When money stops being important to greedy guys.

  • Jessica Chasko Denning

    Thank you for speaking out for labeling GE salmon.
    We back no on 1599, and yes on the amendments, and Fazio-Boxer bill.

  • Paul Pfifferling

    I cannot sign this my phone will not allow me to see the full screen. Please help i have tried ten times. And i called.

  • Baig Saima

    Can’t believe that bill passed,those in senate are blind dumb and deaf