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Action Alert: Oppose Monsanto Monopoly


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  • Psycho Joe

    It’s time Americans do the most important thing. Unite!!! Stop calling yourselves Americans after your root ethnicity. We are Americans first. I am an American with Irish decent, not an Irish American. We’re Americans first. If you dont feel that you are not an American first whatever your roots be than please stop trying to create sepritisum between Americans. Go to where you claim as your first country. The rest of us are tired of the government pushing sepritisum. Divided we will fall and the government knows how to manipulate people. One of the best tools is to get an American to claim some other countries before they claim their an American. Thats a strong tool and is working very well. Stop it. We’re Americans Damn it!!! Act accordingly. VOTE VOTE VOTE and make America a place we as citizens can once again be proud to proclaim as ours.