The Alliance For Natural Health
  • Cmj

    If anyone thinks the drug companies are beyond poisoning kids with their vaccines, they need to do the research. They charge a fortune for drugs to cover the cost of law suites for all the bad drugs they produce. When the flu shot was in short supply decades ago, they grew the vaccine on cancer cells to speed up the process. Aluminum in vaccines wouldn’t cause problems for kids when they’re give 3 or 4 shots at one time? Really.

    • Jenna

      Vaccine manufacturers are exempt from lawsuits due to a law that passed in 1986.

      • fajima

        Yes, thank the great Ronald Reagan who can do no wrong. *sarcasm

      • research2ok

        Yes I came down sick 3 days after a flu shot, had no legal rights to anything relating to it. Chronic fatigue syndrome.

      • Pro-Israeal

        Then we need to get that law rescinded.

    • oreocracker

      Aluminum isn,t the only additive, formaldehyde, Mercury, DNA from animals and humans, and a myriads of other wonderful ingredients. It’s a sin. Dr Peter Rost, ex VP of Pfizer once said in an interview wth Dr Gary Null, that the Pres of Pfizer said he doesn’t want to cure disease, just wants to keep them maintaining the disease to keep profits up, nice, eh? Rost got fired a few mos after the interview, he know he would.

  • Jamie Clemons

    Mainstream people claim the science backs the vaccines. But I ask you who funds the studies to prove they are safe?

    • marybethjohnson

      They are lying. There are NO studies, showing efficacy and safety. They have no studies using true placebos and the studies are manipulated to show the desired result. this is medical fraud at the most extreme. These people should be in jail. As a nurse, If I even thought of writing something UNTRUE in a patients medical record, I would have been prosecuted. These people, have lied, falsified documents, research results etc and have had NO consequences. This has been going on in Pharma studies for who knows how long. They CHERRY PICK the studies they report. if they don’t like the results? no need to publish. THIS IS NOT [email protected] IT IS MANIPULATION. it must stop. They have a legal way to kill us all. Oh…I forgot. Agenda 21…depopulation is their goal. They start with vaccinations we don’t need, and that make us sick, then continue with drugs that make us sicker. They mandate the vaccinations which of course, insures a continued source of income for them. this is just insane.

  • shirleybob

    I’m from Australia and would love to sign this petition, but you’ve locked out everybody who does not live in the US. Our government is bringing in mandatory vaccination through the back door by denying all benefits to families who refuse to vaccinate, and banning their children from day care, kindergarten and government schools. As the rich do not need benefits and public schools, once again it’s the financially vulnerable and lower socioeconomic group that is being targeted. Mandatory medication of any description is a direct violation of human rights, and should be prosecuted in the international court of law. We now have ‘democratic’ countries taking on Hitler’s policies?

    • marybethjohnson

      I hate what is going on in Australia. This is insane. I don’t think the intent was to shut you out, but rather we have no jurisdiction, impact for other countries! This is an international problem (duh), we just have to figure out how to solve this together. I don’t have the answers. let’s keep in touch and work on this together.