The Alliance For Natural Health
  • Patricia Schiewe

    Please leave supplements alone as they are helping a lot of people stay in good health and no real reports that they harm anyone. Seems as if the FDA needs to work on the pain killer drugs which actually kill as many people as auto accidents and also work to make the price of drugs reasonable.

  • Ian Elliott

    More greed from the big corporations who hate to share the market with small merchants.

  • Carol

    We , the people, have had about enough of your corruption, big pharma!!!!! Leave us and our supplements alone, we just want to live like you do….stop trying to steal wealth from what God has given us!

  • Sci-reader

    It was a terrible mistake by Congress to remove funding for the FDA to conduct reviews of new medicine submissions by pharmaceutical companies, forcing the FDA to “charge” the companies for the review. So now the FDA is beholden to the pharmaceutical companies, turning the tables, and the companies look at it as payment for approval. “We paid you the money, now give us the automatic approval.” The result: over 100,000 deaths per year from non-error adverse effects of medications, according to Barbara Starfield, MD, MPH, in JAMA, July 26, 2000. So now the Big Pharma owned FDA, is coming after supplements to remove any competition to patented medicines.

    • David Schuette


    • DaB

      The funding maneuver was deliberate regulatory capture by Congressional lackeys of Big Pharma, which will continue as long as campaigns aren’t fully publicly funded. The other avenue to regulatory capture is Presidential appointments, the other ‘freeway’ that needs to be closed off.

      Just think: 100,000 deaths/yr is a jet liner crashing about every 2 days! Even if one crashed killing everyone on board every few weeks or monthly, all the companies and institutions would be all over it, it’d be a Major Crisis w/many demands for cause investigation and remedial action, daily press, ad nauseam. There’s many parallels to this phenomenon, for example fishing accidents kill more people in the USA than terrorists & see the relative budgets, fear mongering, institutional & press attention, etc between them.
      Follow the money! Corporate profits >> vested interests to nurture, protect & grow. Entrenched institutions >> vested interests in their survival, growth & power. Vested interests >> resistance to change from without. Blend them together and it’s a potent combo…..

  • Nora Edwards

    Not only are they trying to prevent people from having safe food and drugs, but they are trying to prevent us from doing anything to help ourselves.

  • sarahpenn33

    #Iamkratom #keepkratomlegal

  • Corinne Nash

    Pharmaceutical drugs only deal with the symptom and often causes more symptoms thus more medicine. Let us have our supplements that help the cause. The blood pressure medicine I take has caused Neuropathy in my legs and feet and Adrenal Fatigue and now that my systolic blood pressure has risen the doctor prescribes more of the same Blood Pressure Medicine. No thanks! We need supplements to strengthen our immune system.

  • Cheryl Detar

    I have used herbs, oils teas and acupuncture, for years. At 69, I am in “perfect health” and still work part-time

  • As someone who has lived with nerve pain for years and suicidal pain for 5 years (that pharmas don’t touch), the only thing that gives me any pain control or quality of life is natural remedies. My supplements are actually HEALING the nerve damage in my body, allowing me to work again. Leave #GodsMedicine alone and focus on the #pharmas that are destroying entire communities.

    • Sheila

      Katherine, can you please share with me the remedies you are using to heal your nerve pain…I can not take drugs, so I’m on my own. If you want PM me on FB, please, please do. I would really appreciate your input. Thank you!!

    • Gloria D. Gross

      I, too, have received much help from using natural supplements to heal the nerve damage caused by surgery and chemotherapy. The FDA is not set up to protect us, but is another way of limiting our access to natural remedies.

  • Clint Blumer

    “Old Supplements”, as you refer to, happen to be a correct title. Dietary supplements have been around thousand of years before prescription medications were created artificially to copy the natural supplements. In fact, hundreds of prescription medications contain Dietary Supplement ingredients. If you doubt this, look up some reliable references on Dietary Supplements. If you discontinue some of the “older supplements”. Does that mean that you will also delete some of the prescription medications? I don’t think so. … .!

    • brucehayden

      So, in essence, pharmaceuticals are just “fake” drugs. Can’t wait to see CEOs and doctors in prison.

  • Robert Morissette

    Face it our government is run by big corporation – tell your congresmen to support us on look for another job.!

  • Pro-Israeal

    FDA, leave our supplements alone! The Big Pharma Lobby would like to use you as their “strong arm”, we the people will not stand for it, you are overstepping, so back off or suffer the consequences.

  • Carolyn Meece

    I find it disgusting that they are always trying to force psychiatric drugs down targets throats one way or another and constantly. Gabapentin costs around $300 a prescription and it off label use for pain. I have talked to a number of people that state it is a useless when it comes to pain.