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Action Alert: FDA Banning Supplement Research?


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  • JimJax

    “We the people” who use supplements want to do so WITHOUT FDA intervention. We have seen the dangers of FDA approved drugs, we prefer using natural supplements that are not tainted by the FDA.” What I choose to eat in my kitchen and the supplements I choose to use are my business, not the FDA’s.

    • ThatPerson

      Damn straight.

  • Larry Fraley

    When you research the way that drugs were (and are) pushed on the public to me you should stop to look deeper into what’s really going on. Many of the drugs have very serous side effects, I would much rather do a natural cure that later on I’m not going to find out has affected some other part of my body. I made that decision after taking pain meds that then caused my liver to swell. Now I use ginger root and some other natural supplements and alleviate the chronic pain quite well and my liver thanks me.

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  • pam

    Classifying food as drugs is outside the scope of FDA authority. Poor diet causes disease, and we should not restrict access to healthy food and natural supplements. It’s unAmerican and only feeds into a drug-dependent healthcare system.

  • cath

    “only the FDA can decide what is or is not a drug”—that was and still is the first “law” that should be attacked and repealed—it should never have been passed!—it is over-reaching and has eliminated competition for the drug companies over the years and now this…

    it is ludicrous that food and supplement research will suffer and if this is passed, that food and supplements could be classified as drugs and then be controlled by BIG PHARMA

    we don’t take any medications and have the health of people half our age and we owe it to eating organic, our organic garden, superfoods, vitamin and mineral regimen, and detoxing regularly— THE FDA AND THE DRUG COMPANIES CAN ATTEMPT TO CONTROL US BUT THE AMERICAN PUBLIC IS MORE AWARE THAN EVER AND LITERALLY SICK OF IT!—we keep hearing how 90% of us want labeling of GMOs and

    in their world the only food would be GENETICALLY ALTERED and produced by 3D printers—not kidding—this is already in the works!—and real food especially organic food would be against the law to possess or eat—punishable by FORCE-FED GMOs/DEATH—oh, and by the way, your organic food would be confiscated and probably end up on the white house table