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Action Alert: FDA Attacks Picamilon


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  • 1Finngal

    Excellent article clearing outlining the MO of pharmaceutical drug companies working with FDA for sole purpose of making profits!

  • jimbo

    Picamilon is made from a natural amino acid called (Alpha amino butyric acid) that is found in wine, beer and bakers yeast then it is combined with vitamin B3 and FDA calls this a chemical?. I have used Picamilon for over 18 months with no issues.

  • Supermoon791 .

    They are just trying to be nosy and greedy. They need to stop it. This is supposed to be a democracy but sadly there is too much control for it to be so.

  • L Sears

    All natural, dietary and all around good goods is to be left to the people and shouldn’t be investigated.