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Action Alert: FDA Attack on Compounded Supplements


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  • irish315

    The compound prescription isn’t a drug that is why the FDA dosn’t like supplements, that want to pound down our throats all the drugs they can, its sickening

  • canitary

    i have ben using compound for 35 years,. I have to use replacement hormone therapy, for i have hipogonadism , i am a senior , compound save my life, is the only one i cam afford , the pharmaceutic one sintetic
    cost $500.00 a mounth, the compound cost me $22.00 per mounth

  • bsroon

    Ironically, the federal govt has no legitimate authority over ANY health issue. Read the constitution – it clearly states the 30 and ONLY 30 legitimate issues the federal govt is allowed to deal with. In all other issues – the states and people OVERRIDE federal desires. THAT is the constitution, the highest law of the land.

  • Like the previous commenter, I am a senior and have been taking Bi-Est for hormone replacement therapy, a more natural phyto (plant) estrogen and progesterone, for over 15 years with no side effects and generally good health. This is unlike Big Pharma’s cancer causing Premarin drug which many of my friends and relatives took and wound up with cancer, breast cancers!. I also use the more natural Armour thyroid pill that’s been around for almost 100 years, and used to be listed, in 2000, on Medicare’s approved drugs. No longer is it there, and more natural compounded drugs have never been listed there either.
    This makes an intelligent person ask, why, in a free country, can’t we take control over our bodies and healthcare? Why is Congress NOT listening? Why are we forced to consume Big Pharma’s drugs that are not necessary, as well as unhealthy GMO and processed foods which bring about poor health? We want our FREEDOM TO CHOOSE, and I’m sick and tired as an American taxpayer having to beg the unread, undereducated congress people for what all Americans deserve in healthcare with petition after petition! Even our state representatives are poorly educated in many areas. Unfortunately, we the people, can’t “line the pockets” of law makers in the same way corporate lobbyists can for their bloodsucking corporations who are bent on taking all our rights away. When will everyone wake up?