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Action Alert: FDA and Artisanal Food Prodcers


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  • splooshman

    Congress passed the Tester-Hagan Amendment to protect these small businesses from large producers and ridiculous anti-American regulations like those the FDA is proposing. Only Congress has the authority to pass laws in America, and like the American People, the FDA must also abide by those laws. It is not the place of any agency to impose unwieldy regulations that negatively impact small businesses and the daily lives of American Citizens. The FDA’s sole purpose is to provide Americans the assurance that the foods and medicines we purchase are safe and healthy. PERIOD!!! As an American and small business owner, I expect the FDA to comply with the intent of the Tester-Hagan Amendment, and we expect our elected representatives to stop this kind of nonsense that federal agencies continue to pile on top of us.

    • Charli03

      If is your legislators who are allowing their corporate interests to override protection for Americans to buy and eat what they feel is healthiest for them. Small business owners must protest. It may not feel like it, but voices in volume do get heard.

      • splooshman

        I think you are confused. The FDA and big business are in bed together. And yes, many liberal politicians are too. The Conservatives want to protect small business owners and are trying to stop this new regulation. I’m not sure who you are, but when you say YOUR legislators, I get the impression you are either not from America, or you’re a Communist. Or maybe you’re both. Regardless, the FDA is overstepping its authority to impose ridiculous regulations on the little guys, and that needs to stop. Ranting about anyone else, or anything else, or about me, or about the weather, or about how terrible corporations are… only prove my point. Either you are FOR more regulations on small businesses, or you aren’t. That’s all that matters. End of story. Further arguments are unnecessary.

  • Mike J. Hrivnak

    The FIA can’t do its own job well. It certainly has no business making laws

  • LindaRivera

    Another vicious attack on small businesses with the wicked goal of destroying small businesses, rendering the owners and their workers jobless and even homeless. All to please selfish, mega wealthy, power-hungry corporations. Please God, help the small business owners.

  • jeffjfl

    My computer is enabled to receive cookies, but I still get the same error message and the message doesn’t get sent.

  • Pouta

    I’d be happy to sign this action, but cannot do so because you folks require cookies to be disabled…

  • Wayne

    If this is a rule making, the responce would be to post a comment on the proposed rule on the FDA web site under a specific docket number not to write Dear Decision maker.

  • Daveholio

    There is a “u” in producers. There is no such word as “Prodcers”.

    “Action Alert: FDA and Artisanal Food Prodcers”