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Action Alert: Don’t Repeal COOL

  • leybrabear

    What’s going on? I took time to personalize message, fill out identity form & when submitting, I see ur message without my personalization? You can take me off ur list for that reason.
    “Why would U.S. citizen members of Congress vote to repeal laws designed to protect U.S. citizens including themselves? I personally don’t eat animals & whomever does, I couldn’t care less about. What bothers me is why? Does financial support u get for ur re-election campaigns from U.S. ‘meat industry’s’ lobbying to quash the COOL law decide ur vote? With a fat political salary perhaps u figure u can afford to buy urself only local farmed organic ‘meat.’ Look to the dollar whenever something seems incomprehensible. However am still disturbed to read that Congress is caving to pressure from the food industry over our nation’s country-of-origin labeling (COOL) law for beef and pork, since this happens w/ all issues u vote on regarding our food. Your first allegiance is to you own country & ur constituents. Not Canada, Mexico, the U.S. meat industry or The World Trade Organization & their ruling last week, which has apparently caused you to turn tail and run. Shameful but what’s new??”

  • Linda N

    What happened to the “Trouble taking action” button with this action alert. For some reason my Safari Browser has never been able to use the regular action alert page and thus I always have to use the “Trouble taking action, Click here link. The upgrades to your site are causing lots of problems.