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FDA, Flooded with Protests, Revises Food Safety Rules

The agency has responded to comments from ANH-USA activists and other stakeholders. Here’s what they’re proposing now. Action Alert!

Who Is the Number One Foe of Supplements on Capitol Hill?

Now that Henry Waxman is retiring from Congress, it is clearly Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL). State Action Alert!

Congressional Committee Says FDA Is Overstepping Its Jurisdiction

A powerful subcommittee says a new FDA proposal on medical testing will stifle innovation and may not be legal. Action Alert!

FDA Approves Controversial Diet Drug Despite Warning of Suicide Risk

Contrave has terrible side effects, is expensive, includes a hidden antidepressant, and barely even works. So why did the FDA approve it?

Do Antibiotics Contribute to Mercury Poisoning?

Scientists are no longer even sure how antibiotics work. We have the latest research.

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