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GMOs: Respected Analyst Says They Could Destroy Life on the Planet

Invoking the risk of famine as a justification for GMOs is “a deceitful strategy, no different from…Russian roulette,” according to the report. Action Alert!

Autism-Vaccine Cover-up Snowballs as Whistleblower’s Identity is Revealed—LATEST UPDATES

Rumors are swirling as the world learns of the government’s deception. Here’s what we know for sure.

Are Supermarket Mushrooms Dangerous to Eat Raw?

Some experts suggest that even edible, everyday mushrooms should be cooked. We consider some evidence.

Integrative Doctors—An Online Guide

The Internet is brimming with info on natural health—including stuff that’s incorrect or incomplete. Which sources can you really trust?

Other Good Places to Find an Integrative Doctor

These are all reliable professional organizations with which ANH-USA works on a regular basis. Their websites include listings of individual physicians by geographic area.

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