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Ebola Can Be Prevented and Treated Naturally—So Why Are These Approaches Completely Ignored?

Could it be because there is little profit to be made from them? Action Alert!

Medical Bureaucracy (and FDA Regulations) Also Stymie Efforts to Halt Ebola

The current dearth of treatment options for Ebola is not from a lack of options, but from a zealous protection of current medical monopolies together with an overabundance of red tape.

Wall Street Journal Ignores Over Sixteen Hundred Letters Challenging Its Journalistic Ethics

Should “experts” be given a pulpit without one word about their serious conflicts of interest? Action Alert!

Texas Medical Board as Out of Control as Ever

Cancer pioneer Stanislaw Burzynski has just won the first round of a new and particularly underhanded attack from the TMB.

Taxpayers Are Bailing Out the Insurance Companies—to the Tune of $1 Billion This Year Alone!

ObamaCare was crafted to suit the largest insurance companies, and now your tax dollars are subsidizing them.

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